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Litter Picking Northen Way Park
This Month’s Wellingborough Eco Group Two Hour Tidy Up takes place on this Saturday (27th November) in Northen Way Park. Our Recycling Station will be set up from 9:30am near the Stewarts Road entrance to the park, for litter picking between 10 and 12. We will be litter picking the park, the nearby cycle path and flood reservoir.

This location has been chosen by Jessica, one of our Wellie Wombling litter heroes. Litter pickers can walk or cycle safely to where we will be using the cycle path that connects this area to the Hemmingwell Estate and wider town. As a group we have not tidied up this area before, and as you will see in the photos taken there's a lot to do...

To help us and keep us safe at this and future litter picks, Wellingborough Eco Group have purchased some litter pickers, hi-vis vests and safety equipment including road signs. Wellingborough Norse are also lending us some equipment, so everything is provided but please bring your own gloves if you can.

Social distancing is a must, hand sanitiser will be available, please do not come if you have covid-19 symptoms, but apart from that, ALL WELCOME!
To get you in the mood, there are lots of pictures of the park at
Litter Picking at Northen Way

Wellingborough Eco Group & Wellie Wombles

Amazing job done at our monthly Two Hour Tidy Up this morning. The three of us picked up 30 bags, plus lots of other items including three bikes, three tyres, two cat carriers and a Morrisons shopping trolley!

Thank you to our brave #LitterHeroes Suzanne, Jessica and Jonathan for coming out today and Emma for manning the #Womble Wagon!

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