Welcome to Wellingborough

We’re here to share Wellingborough by working with local organisations to promote businesses, charities and groups that serve our town.  Featured Wellingborough Organisations could do anything, as long it is in Wellingborough or the surrounding area. We will feature everyone in a simple format so you can compare them, we will also provide trusted links to their content. Click the drop-down arrow on Wellingborough Organisations in the menu to find them.

Whilst we do not necessarily endorse all of the organisations we feature; we are a partnership of many of the organisations featured. Much of the content has been shared through our Community Resilience Forum and Wellingborough Forum groups. We research each and do invite you to contact them with the knowledge that they are established, and Wellingborough based.

Organisations will be categorised as Community or Business on our blog.  Subcategories will also be attached, find all categories on Blog in the menu. To find out about other organisations that are in a specific category simply click on the link.

Information about organisations is sourced directly from the organisation or from their websites and social media pages.  Much of the video content and interviews have been shared by Wellingborough Eco Group as featured on their Advent Calendar and Wellingborough Eco Map. All information should be correct but please do update us if any details are incorrect or out of date.

Wellingborough Forum

This website includes Wellingborough Forum for everyone to share information and discuss services. We have set this up to encourage discussion, to improve communication and to share events and services. It can also be used by anyone to seek assistance or support, and to get better engagement with other organisations locally.

You can also join in and contribute to Wellingborough Forum on Facebook or Nextdoor. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Wellingborough Organisations Community Forum

Anyone people from across our community can join us, including representatives from churches, charities, businesses, community groups, local government, and people with no affiliation. This is networking opportunity for all, the forum will be recorded and shared on YouTube, on our website, via Co-op Member Pioneer Wellingborough and across social media, to publicise what’s on in Wellingborough.

Join our Community Forum on the last Friday afternoon of the month, from 2:00 until 2:40 on Zoom and 2:00-3:00 at ECO HUB if you want to stay and have a cup of tea and a chat after too. Register for the next one on our Community Forum page. Find out more and watch previous forums on our blog and you can also join in and contribute to the Communiy Forum on Facebook.

WOW What’s on Wellingborough

Working with Community Resilience Forum partners and published by Co-op Member Pioneer Wellingborough we aim to bring you all the local events and regular services taking place in and around Wellingborough. Click here to see more of the calendar. Click on each entry to find out more:

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We are on Facebook and Twitter @wellyorg to share what’s happening locally with everyone, please do like and follow us for the very latest updates from us and other locally.