Spring Community Resilience Forum

Do join us next Friday afternoon (31st March) on our special ‘Spring Community Resilience Forum’ to discuss how to help people cope in the town during the cost-of-living crisis and how to get them to enjoy the great outdoors.

This is your invite to the 12th Community Resilience Forum at 2pm next Friday; and this time you can either join in on Zoom or in person at ECO HUB, Glamis Hall, NN8 3RU, where refreshments will also be available.

  • Join us to start conversations about the joys of spring.
  • Share what you are doing in our community.

Join us for a short presentation and a discussion on Zoom, to see if you can help us and to see if we can help you. Join at ECO HUB or fill out the form for the Zoom link below:

See you at 2pm!