Community Resilience Forum Attendance

Thank you for joining us at Wellingborough Community Resilience Forum.  The main aim of the One Wellingborough Plus Community Resilience Project and of our Community Resilience Forum is to bring people and groups from across the borough together, to hear people’s concerns and ideas, and see what practical steps we can take to collectively help to meet some of the emerging needs, and provide some coordination and direction for our efforts where possible.  Thank you for your contributions to one or both of our Community Resilience Forums.

The first forum took place on Friday 26th February, where we introduced the reason for the Community Resilience Forum, and we discussed what is ‘Community Resilience’, what are the community resilient ingredients, what challenges are we facing and what we can do. It provided lots of really useful feedback and of course networking for all. Hosts Marion Turner-Hawes and Jonathan Hornett thought that it went really well, we hope that you enjoyed it and found it useful? A full report including a transcript can be found on the One Wellingborough Plus Blog. We also recorded it for those who could not join in and with a few small edits, here it is from start to finish:

The second Community Resilience Forum took place on Friday 19th March, where we discussed what common needs we all have, what other things could be offered and what we can do moving forward, with everyone giving examples of these. Marion presented slides about Community Resilience Ingredients and we talked about forming a Time Bank and  the idea of a Community Chest. Everyone shared lots of ideas, providing lots of useful feedback.    To share everyone’s contributions, there is a report and a full transcript on the One Wellingborough Plus Blog. We also recorded our second Community Resilience Forum for those who could not join in, this is available below:

The third Community Resilience Forum took place on Friday 9th April to work on community resilience solutions; discussing what’s new and what other things can we all do locally. All delegates asked for their plans and ideas for the future and we talked about forming a Time Bank and the idea of a food exchange at the Victoria Centre.

The next community Resilience Forum will take place on Thursday 29th April. We would like you to join us at our fourth Community Resilience Forum on Zoom, to further discuss how to help people in the town and borough during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.  At this Community Resilience Forum we will be look at what new ideas and solutions for community resilience we are implementing, please fill in the attendance form below to join in.

Do join us for a short presentation and a discussion on Zoom, to see if you can help us, and to see if we can help you; we believe by working together we can beat this! It’s a free event, all you need to do is confirm your attendance using the form below. We will then send you the Zoom link to the email address submitted. 

*Your details including your email address will be stored securely by One Wellingborough Plus on a contact list at the Victoria Centre. Your contact details will not be shared. One Wellingborough Plus or the Victoria Centre may contact you about other forums or projects, unless you request otherwise. 

The forum will be recorded and shared on YouTube, and we will publish a report and transcript of the forum on our Blog. Both will also be shared on social media. At the start of every forum, we will ask you all for permission to share your name, organisation and for your permission for us to use photos or video recordings taken. If you prefer, you can also state in the ‘Comments’ box above if you do not want us to share your name and/or have photos or video recordings of you shared.

One Wellingborough Plus partners include the Victoria Centre, Karon’s Support Services, Dostiyo, GLJ Theatre and Wellingborough Eco Group. If you would like to find out more about the One Wellingborough Plus project, please visit our website at