Community Resilience Forum

Wellingborough Organisations and the Co-op are hosting forums for local people and organisations to work on community resilience planning. We would like you to join us on a second series of Community Resilience Forums on Teams, to discuss how to help people in the town and borough during and after the Coronavirus pandemic. Jonathan, Co-op Member Pioneer for Wellingborough invites you to the sixth of the new series of Community Resilience Forums which is on Friday 29th July at 2pm.

The aims of Wellingborough Community Resilience Forum are to bring people and groups from across the borough together, to hear people’s concerns and ideas, and see what practical steps we can take to collectively help to meet some of the emerging needs, and provide some coordination and direction for our efforts where possible. 

First Series of Community Resilience Forums

The first Wellingborough Community Resilience Forum was hosted by Jonathan and partners of the One Wellingborough Plus project on February 26th 2021. It was attended by 24 people from across our community, including representatives from churches, charities, businesses, community groups, local government, and people with no affiliation.

It provided lots of really useful feedback and of course networking for all. We thought that it went really well; the feedback that we have received has shown that everyone enjoyed it and found it useful. A full report including a transcript can be found on the One Wellingborough Plus blog. We also recorded it, mainly for those who could not join in.

Three more Community Resilience Forums were hosted by Jonathan and partners until the One Wellingborough Plus project ended. All are available on YouTube and on the One Wellingborough Plus blog. The Community Resilience Forums were very successful and enabled lots of people to look at ways of working collaboratively, but did leave some unfinished business.

New Community Resilience Forums

New Community Resilience Forums started off with lively interactive discussions on Friday 25th February at 2pm. This was the first forum that Wellingborough Organisations and the Co-op are hosted for local people and organisations to work on community resilience planning. 14 people joined us on the first of a second series of Community Resilience Forums in Wellingborough on Teams.

The forum discussed what community is and how to build resilience during an interactive presentation designed to get people talking. Delegates then talked about what they are doing and we discussed how we can work together, everyone was very positive and were keen to share with each other. Watch our first New Community Resilience Forum:

Thank you to the nine people who joined us last time for the fifth Community Resilience Forum on June 24th. We looked at working together in the community, existing solutions and how local service providers can co-operate with each other in the future. Delegates also shared their upcoming events and others suggested ways that they could help.

Wellingborough Organisations Working Together

Delegates at the first series of Community Resilience Forums worked to establish Wellingborough Organisations as a community resource, which Jonathan and partners from the One Wellingborough Plus project have continued to work on to promote local businesses and public services. We also set up general local forums called ‘Wellingborough Forum’ to work along side the Community Resilience Forums for local debates and service promotion on this website, on Facebook and on Nextdoor.

At February’s Community Resilience Forum we decided to continue our collective support for Wellingborough Organisations and for the Wellingborough Forums online, on Facebook and on Next-door. Delegates also decided to set up an email list and WhatsApp group to work with each other on, and to have regular monthly Community Resilience Forums. In March we further discussed community Resilience and how to help each other. Read reports and watch the forums on our home page.


At April’s Community Resilience Forum, we decided to set up a webpage to support the Wellingborough Ukrainian guests and sponsors Facebook group and those not on the social media platform at Ukraine Support – Wellingborough. We have also added a guide for sponsors page. We also decided to set up our own Community Resilience Forum | Facebook group, to share and work together on. 

How Are The Co-op Supporting Us

Jonathan is now working for the Co-op as their Member Pioneer in Wellingborough which has given him the opportunity and facilities to restart Community Resilience Forums. He hopes that by working together with others in our community we can build new relationships with more people and more organisations to improve services and lives in Wellingborough. His role is to bring people together to work on ideas, projects and initiatives to make our community a better place to work, play, live & learn. Find out more at and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or email

Mental Health Community Resilience Forum

The fifth of the new series Community Resilience Forums was on Friday 24th June at 2pm. Following on from last month’s Mental Health Community Resilience Forum, where we looked at how we can co-operate with each other to provide solutions for wellbeing, and because this time the Community Resilience Forum was bang in the middle of Co-op Fortnight; we looked at how we work together and how can co-operate with each other more to provide solutions and services.

Co-operation Community Resilience Forum

Join Us at The Second Series of Community Resilience Gatherings

Join us for a short presentation and a discussion on Teams, to see if you can help us and to see if we can help you. It’s a free event, all you need to do is register using the form below. We will then send you the Teams link to the email that you registered with. Alternatively you can also register by sending an email to or by calling/WhatsApp 07954 082802.

At the start of the forum on Teams, everyone will be given the chance to introduce themselves and, if applicable, the organisation they represent. To help Jonathan before the event, he wants to know a little bit about you and what activities you are doing. Register by filling in the form below:

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
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*Your details including your email address will be stored securely on a contact list at the Co-op. Your contact details will not be shared. Jonathan in his capacity as Co-op Member Pioneer may contact you about other forums or projects, unless you request otherwise.

The forum will be recorded and shared on YouTube and a transcript will be published on the Wellingborough Organisations website. Both will also be shared on social media, with the aims of growing the forum and sharing ideas. At the start of every forum, we will ask you all for permission to share your name, organisation and for your permission for us to use photos or video recordings taken. If you prefer, you can also state in the ‘Comments’ box above if you do not want us to share your name and/or have photos or video recordings of you shared.

If you would like to find out more about the One Wellingborough Plus project, please visit their website at