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Staying in means you can JOIN IN

Wellingborough Forum is an online forum of forums for you, and everyone is invited to join in.  Created by Wellingborough Organisations and managed by the One Wellingborough Plus partners, this is a community resilience project designed to get local people talking round a table. 

You can view the forum without registering, but to take part in any of the discussions you will need to register.  It’s free, it’s a website so no apps are needed and it’s not just on social media so everyone can socialise; plus, there’s no invasive advertising to interrupt you.  Register and then confirm your email to join in, create topics, comment and discuss. 

There are five main forums to interact with: 

  1. General 
  2. Events 
  3. Remembrance Wall 
  4. Community Resilience 
  5. Wellingborough Eco Group 
  1. General 

Is the main forum for everyone with everything to discuss!   Topics can be added by all users for general discussion, be they news, services, business or community.  If you have something that everyone needs to hear about, share it as a topic.  Sub forums can also be added on request. 

  1. Events 

This is for what’s on in Wellingborough, which is more than you might think, even during lockdown!  Events can be added as topics by all users for promotion and discussion.  Sub forums for different types of events can be added on request. 

  1. Remembrance Wall 

The Victoria Centre is devoting a wall of their Sanctuary Hall to remembering those whom we have lost during the Coronavirus pandemic.  You can pay an online tribute to them on this forum, which will be available for everyone to see virtually, plus they will update the wall at the Centre for you. 

  1. Community Resilience 

One Wellingborough Plus is a community resilience project that is working with partners to help people in the town and borough during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.  They are hosting forums on Zoom and here online for local people and organisations to work together. 

  1. Wellingborough Eco Group 

Wellingborough Eco Group have a forum here to share environmentally friendly tips, news and information; plus, a sub forum for their Swap Shop and another for their Repair Club.  You can share, repair and go eco-friendly here. 

Staying in means you can join in, join us at and on Facebook at too! 

About One Wellingborough Plus

One Wellingborough Plus is a community resilience project led by the Victoria Centre, with partners Karon’s Support Services, Dostiyo, GLJ Theatre and Wellingborough Eco Group providing community resilience activities and support in the Borough of Wellingborough.

The project has been funded by the Borough Council of Wellingborough and Power to Change. Find out more at or at