Wellingborough Forum online!

Wellingborough’s local forum is for everyone, that’s why we try to make it available for everyone to use. We have reinstalled our online forum, with a simpler, more user friendly program, and added new security features that are easy to use, but protect you from scam bots. Have a look and join in at wellingborough.org/forum

Share your activities, publicise your events, promote your services or just chat. Wellingborough Forum is for all, for local people, for businesses, for community organisations and for conservation/eco groups. This is your forum, feel free to share it!

Wellingborough Forum is also available on Facebook at facebook.com/groups/wellingboroughforum and on Nextdoor at nextdoor.co.uk/g/z3y32wwid too, plus we will be hosting in person forums in 2022. Watch this space for details. Join in, share and support local people, places and services. We’re looking forward to seeing you post!