New Community Resilience Forum Two – 25th March 2022

The second New Community Resilience Forum started off with introductions and then lively interactive discussions on Friday 25th March at 2pm. This is the second forum that Wellingborough Organisations and the Co-op are hosting for local people and organisations to work on community resilience planning. 9 people joined us on teams for the Community Resilience Forum, to discuss how to help people in the town and borough during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you to Kim, Marion, Lorraine, Karon, Jo, Kevin, Judy, Simon and Jonathan for taking part. Jonathan, Co-op Member Pioneer Wellingborough, hosted the first New Community Resilience Forum. We started recording this with everyone introduced themselves this time and then with an interactive presentation and continued with a discussion on Teams.

The forum discussed what community resilience is and what barriers there are to community resilience during an interactive presentation designed to get people talking. Delegates then talked about what they are doing and we discussed how we can work together, everyone was very positive and were keen to share with each other.

We decided to set up an events calendar on the Wellingborough Organisations website and to use the Wellingborough Forums online, on Facebook and on Next-door to share and promote each other’s activities. Delegates also reviewed the email list and WhatsApp group to work with each other. The next Community Resilience Forum will be held on Friday 29th April at 2pm. Visit Wellingborough Organisations to register, Hopefully see you there?