Access For All Wellingborough

Access For All Wellingborough Northants aims to improve practical access to use the town facilities and public transport. One of their priorities is to make wheelchair accessible taxis more available and to ensure ramps are provided where required.​

Group leader Aran Whiting said “if you are disabled, providers of public transport must not treat you less favorably than they would treat a person who isn’t disabled. Unless, they can show that the treatment is justified, they have the same duties as other providers of services.​”

From missing dropped curbs to pavements blocked by selfish drivers, disabled people are struggling to get about in Wellingborough. Tell the group about your access issues.

The group is there to give disabled people a voice, appealing to businesses to make reasonable adjustments in shops restaurants and public transport services. It’s also there to assist with access issues in surrounding areas too.

For more information or to report an access issue, look at the Access For All page, join the Facebook Group or contact Access For All via email.