Wellbeing Community Resilience Forum

Wellingborough Organisations and the Co-op are hosting forums for local people and organisations to work on community resilience planning. We would like you to join us on a second series of Community Resilience Forums on Teams, to discuss how to help people in the town and borough during and after the Coronavirus pandemic. Jonathan, Co-op Member Pioneer for Wellingborough invites you to the fourth of the new series of Community Resilience Forums this Friday (27th May) at 2pm. 

The aims of Wellingborough Community Resilience Forum are to bring people and groups from across the borough together, to hear people’s concerns and ideas, and see what practical steps we can take to collectively help to meet some of the emerging needs, and provide some coordination and direction for our efforts where possible.  

Thank you to the nine people who joined us for the third Community Resilience Forum on April 29th. We looked at needs in the community, existing solutions and how local service providers can co-operate with each other. This included how we support Ukrainian guests and sponsors across Wellingborough together.  

To this end, we decided to set up a webpage to support the Wellingborough Ukrainian guests and sponsors Facebook group and those not on the social media platform at Ukraine Support – Wellingborough. More pages will be added including a guide for sponsors. We also decided to set up our own Community Resilience Forum | Facebook group, to share and work together on. 

Find out about our first New Community Resilience Forum and watch it here. For the second Community Resilience Forum you can also read more and watch this second forum here. At these forums, we have decided to set up a ‘Community’ email list where everyone on it can share with other on it and a WhatsApp group where we can share and communicate too. Subscribe to the ‘Community’ email list at Community Info Page (wellingborough.org) and message Jonathan on 07954 082802 for the WhatsApp group. 

Following Mental Health Week, earlier this month, this time we will look at how we can co-operate with each other to provide solutions for wellbeing. Join us for a short presentation and a discussion on Teams, to see if you can help us and to see if we can help you. It’s a free event, all you need to do is register, we will then send you the Teams link to the email that you registered with. 

At the start of the forum on Teams, everyone will be given the chance to introduce themselves and, if applicable, the organisation they represent. To help Jonathan before the event, he also wants to know a little bit about you and what activities you are doing. Please register by filling in the form below or on the registration page, alternatively you can also register by sending an email to resilience@wellingborough.org or by calling 07954 082802. 

See you on Friday 27th May at 2pm at the next Community Resilience Forum!