Cost of Living Community Resilience Forum Part 2

Following on from last month’s Community Resilience Forum, where we looked at what the Cost of Living Crisis was. This month was all about what we can do to make a difference to help people to cope with rising costs during the cost of living crisis.

Five joined us for a short presentation and a discussion on Zoom, where Jonathan, Co-op Member Pioneer for Wellingborough, lead a very engaging and lively session. After the presentation that looked at why we’re suffering a cost-of-living crisis, the delegates took part by sharing their thoughts on what is currently being offered by their organisations.

We then all discussed briefly how we can co-operate to offer new support services and how individual organisations are planning to offer more ways to help people with rising costs. We also looked at how we can share our activities more by adding a new calendar to our website.

The next Community Resilience Forum will look other resilience options to offer people facing hardship and setting up an in person Wellingborough Forum to give people the chance to put their views across. Join in on Friday 28th October at 2pm.