Community Resilience Forum

It goes without saying just how challenging the times we live in are for people and organisations right now, and we want to thank you for everything you or your organisation have done to help the people of Wellingborough during the pandemic.

We at One Wellingborough Plus know the importance of having strong connections across and within our communities, and we can also see the enormous strain the impacts of the ‘Covid Crisis’ have had on our lives and our personal and community connectedness.  So much of what we have been used to as people, families and communities has fallen away in our combined efforts to tackle this virus.

However, this period has also witnessed inspiring personal and community action, with so many people and groups selflessly stepping forward to help or to lead in these difficult times.

Back in July 2020 some local people and groups came together to see how we might work to help each of us after the pandemic.  Many of us expected we would now be in the ‘recovery’ phase for our community.  Unfortunately, this is not so.   But even as some of the immediate challenges of Covid-19 may soon gradually begin to lift, all of us are left to pick up the pieces and try and cope with the legacy.

Coping with Our Present and Building for Our Future

For some of us this is coping with the loss of a loved one, or still recovering from the illness itself, coping with losing a job and much needed income, coping with family stress or an interrupted education, or just feeling safe enough to try and come out of our homes back to life.  The road we have to climb is considerable, and it is going to require an enormous effort from all of us to help lift us ‘up’ again and also to ensure no one is left behind.

Prior to Covid-19, many people in our area were already struggling, now this number has considerably increased.  We want to invite you to join us in working to create ways to continue to help people cope now and to work together to ensure that the future for all of us in this Borough is so much brighter than it has been.

One Wellingborough Plus – Community Resilience Project

One Wellingborough Plus is a project that has been funded by the Borough Council of Wellingborough and Power to Change CCLORS Project, to help build community resilience in our area.  The project is a partnership of local organisations led by the Victoria Centre with the support of Dostiyo, Wellingborough Eco Group, GLJ Theatre, Karon’s Support Services.  These organisations are providing a range of services and activities that help people cope at this testing time.

This project was borne out of the successful collaboration between Victoria Centre and Glamis Hall to create the One Wellingborough urgent community response service, which has been operating since April 2020, and has helped more than 1,000 vulnerable people get the urgent help they need.

If you would like to find out more about One Wellingborough Plus and the many actions we are already taking to help build personal and community resilience then please, visit our website at or on our Facebook page at

Creating a ‘Community Resilience Forum’

The main aim of the One Wellingborough Plus Community Resilience Project is to bring people and groups from across the borough together, to hear people’s concerns and ideas, and see what practical steps we can take to collectively help to meet some of the emerging needs, and provide some coordination and direction for our efforts where possible. 

One Wellingborough Plus partners invite you to a series of ‘Community Resilience forums’ that we are hosting for local people and organisations to work on community resilience planning.  These Community Resilience Forums are on Zoom for us all to discuss how to help people in the borough during and after the pandemic. 

Do join us for our first Community Resilience Forum on Friday 26th February at 2:00pm.

To take part register at If you have any questions email or if you prefer to talk to Jonathan, call 07311 705705.  If English is your second language you can call Jaya on Wednesdays and Fridays between 10am and 3pm on 07977 558898.

We also recommend that you register as a user of Wellingborough Forum (if you haven’t already?) and join in on the online Community Resilience Forum.

One Wellingborough Plus Partners include: