Fairtrade Community Resilience Forum

Do join us on Friday 24th February on the ‘Fairtrade Community Resilience Forum’ on Zoom, to discuss how to help people cope in the town during the cost-of-living crisis whilst sourcing responsibly. Jonathan, Co-op Member Pioneer Wellingborough, invites you to the eleventh Community Resilience Forum next Friday at 2pm; and this time you can either join in on Zoom or in person at ECO HUB, Glamis Hall, NN8 3RU, where refreshments will also be available.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2023 is taking place 27 February – 12 March 2023. This Fairtrade Fortnight, join us in spreading a simple message: making the small switch to Fairtrade supports producers in protecting the future of some of our most-loved food and the planet. 

Did you know? Coffee, bananas and chocolate could soon be much more difficult to buy.

Climate change is making crops like these harder and harder to grow. Combined with deeply unfair trade, communities growing these crops are being pushed to the brink. But here’s the good news. More people choosing Fairtrade means extra income, power and support for those communities. By making the small switch to Fairtrade, we can all support producers in protecting the future of some of our most-loved food and the planet. 

Watch last month’s Time to Talk Community Resilience Forum

We will have a small presentation during the Community Resilience Forum about ideas on how to take part in Fairtrade Fortnight, from organising an event in your local library or hosting a lunch. Do join us to see what you can do and for what we can share. At the start of the forum, everyone will be given the chance to introduce themselves and, if applicable, the organisation they represent. You will also have the opportunity to network with each other and share your events and activities. Join us for a short presentation and a discussion on Zoom, to see if you can help us and to see if we can help you. It’s a free event, all you need to do to join is register using the form below: