Watch this Month’s Wellingborough Organisations Community Forum

and find out ‘What’s on Wellingborough!’

We invite you to watch the Wellingborough Organisations Community Forum which took place at 2:00pm on Friday 24th November 2023; where we invited people to join us either join in on Zoom or in person at ECO HUB, Glamis Hall, NN8 3RU. The point is to:

  • Join us to connect with other people working in Wellingborough.
  • Share what you are doing in our community.
Watch November’s Wellingborough Organisations Community Forum

Thank you to Val, Joanne, Jo, Jenny, Diana, Emma and Clover for joining me this time for our Community Forum. Anyone people from across our community can join us, including representatives from churches, charities, businesses, community groups, local government, and people with no affiliation.

This is networking opportunity for all, each forum will also be recorded and shared here on YouTube, on our website, via Co-op Member Pioneer Wellingborough and across social media, to publicise what’s on in Wellingborough.

Join us next time on Friday 26th January to share what you are doing in February and into spring (there will be no forum in December) at 2 for 40 minutes. We hope you enjoy this recording and find it useful. Please also look at our calendar at to find out What’s on Wellingborough!